About Vend-it

Vend-It Ltd, was founded in 1999 by Gary Davis, and has become one of the UK’s leading children’s novelty & sweet vending machine operators. Our company is based in Warrington and we operate machines throughout the UK.

Unlike some companies we specialise in Novelty Toys and Sweets. We use Beaver. Discapa and Tomy vending machines as you may know they are some the world’s largest toy companies offering extremely high quality safe vending products for children.

  • We can generate additional income out of just 2sq ft of space. We don’t take up valuable space, but instead we add a service to an area which isn’t being utilised.

There is no cost to you we will derive our income from the sales generated in the machines. Our service includes the supply of a fully stocked vending machine, site installation, servicing, restocking, accounting and reporting. You will receive a commission as a percentage of the total sales generated from your machine.

To ensure continued interest in our products and to maintain your income the product lines are changed on a regular basis. Naturally some sites will perform better than others and may require more than one machine. Our manual vending machines are popular with many different types of customers, dispensing ‘licensed’ and non licensed toys including those produced by Disney, Warner Brothers, Tomy and many more – a great opportunity to generate a high net profit. It is difficult to determine exactly what you will earn from our machines because the income generated is dependent on location, size, type of venue and footfall. We have clients earning between £500 and in excess of £15,000pa from space they weren’t using.

All our products conform to EEC standards and we have a Product and Public Liability insurance to £2million.

We pride ourselves on supplying products and a service second to none, and have found that as a result our clients achieve some of the highest revenues generated from manual vending machines